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Weight Watchers Review


Weight Watchers have been helping people of all ages and genders develop a healthy lifestyle and control their weight for more than 40 years. Though their profile is truly international, the UK currently hosts over 6,000 weekly meetings.

This Weight Watchers review looks at how the UK program operates, and what results program participants can expect to achieve.


Weight Watchers programs principally rely on motivation and mutual support, plus exercise and healthy eating, to help members achieve their weight-loss targets. Simply expressed, this twofold core concept, which has remained consistent over the years is:

  • eat normal foods you enjoy, sensibly;
  • talk with friends, family, and other ‘watchers’ who will understand and support you.

Choose your option

Weight Watchers run two types of program, providing either face-to-face, or online membership, as follows:

1. Weight Watchers Online – this program offers online access, free mobile apps, guides and mobile tools.

2. Weight Watchers Meetings – this program offers members meetings, online access, free mobile apps, guides and mobile tools.

Each option has its merits and the final choice may well depend on which is the best match for your present lifestyle and commitments. The Weight Watchers website has plenty of detailed information to help you decide which is best for you.

1. Weight Watchers Online Program

With this program, you access all information online, learning about the Weight Watchers plan via easy-to-follow guides. There are personal tracking tools to record activities and food; and you can access progress charts, find food information, inspiring new recipes to try, and much else besides. Online members have access to all the information members receive when they attend meetings.

Step 1 – Simple Start

This is the Weight Watchers ‘gateway’ program, lasting for two weeks. You are encouraged to eat ‘delicious everyday foods’ you enjoy, choosing from a shortlist of hundreds of options, with no need to count calories or measure what you eat.

According to Weight Watchers, these foods will ‘fill you up fast and keep you fuller for longer’ – so you should not end up feeling peckish. The only requirement is that you stick to the list every day. There is a Simple Start mobile app to guide you, and plenty of online help.

Step 2 – Pro Points

After your Simple Start ‘taster’, you make the transition to your Pro Points plan. Pro Points allows you to eat the foods you choose, follow the activities which suit you best, and manage your attainment of your personal weight loss goals in the way that suits you best.

For example, there’s a database of 1,000 recipes and more than 25,000 different food options, plus Cheat Sheets to help your decision making, and a Recipe Builder to help you adapt your own favourite family recipes. Once again endless resources, help and encouragement are available via your online community.

Weight Watchers Online – Cost plans

You can start Weight Watchers Online by choosing one of these initial payment options:

One Month Plan

This costs just £11.95 for your first month’s full online access. Normally, you would pay a monthly fee of £11.95, plus a sign-up fee of £29.95. So with this plan you get a saving of £29.95 off the usual full cost of £41.90.

Three Month Plan

This costs just £29.85 for your first three month’s full online access. Normally, you would pay a total of £35.85 (£11.95 x 3) for your three months, plus a sign-up fee of £29.95. So with this plan you get a saving of £35.95 off the usual full cost of £65.80 – a saving of more than 50 percent.

2. Weight Watchers Meetings

With this program, you get guidance from a leader – someone who has successfully completed a program – and lots of support from fellow-members. Weekly meetings are fun occasions, but also informative and interactive, and help increase your motivation and determination to succeed.

Though there are lots of discussions, you don’t have to speak unless you wish to. You have access to exactly the same apps, website tools and information, as online members.

Step 1 – Simple Start

This is the two-week introductory program. Details are as shown in the ‘online program’ above – except that, in addition, you will be able to attend weekly meetings.

Step 2 – Pro Points

Again the progression to Pro Points is the same as shown above for online members – except, again, you will be able to attend weekly meetings.

Weight Watchers Meetings – Cost plan

Monthly Pass

This costs just £10 for your first month and covers unlimited meetings, guidance, mobile apps and digital tools. Normally, the monthly fee would be £21.45, so you save £11.45. There is no sign-up fee.

Hopefully, this Weight Watchers review will help you decide which Weight Watchers program is the best option for you, and help you set a course for that healthier lifestyle you are planning. Good luck!



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