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Weight to Go Review


Weight to Go is a UK-based organisation dedicated to helping those seeking to manage their weight. Their weight-loss programmes are designed by David Ashton BSc, MD, PhD, who is the Medical Director of Weight to Go, a leading authority on weight loss, and an advocate for healthy lifestyles.

At Weight to Go, Dr Ashton is supported by weight-loss professionals, health educators and a customer advice team.This Weight to Go review explores how their UK programme operates, and what its benefits are for Weight to Go dieters. Read real success stories from satisfied customers


Dr Ashton designed Weight to Go to give ‘fast, effective and safe weight loss’ and, promising ‘discreet’ dieting, his programme promotes a relaxed approach to the Weight to Go diet: there are no classes to attend, and thus no peer pressure.

A complete diet is delivered to your door; food is quick and easy to prepare; there is definitely no calorie counting and you receive (free) full support from the Weight to Go team.

Thus Weight to Go have identified hectic modern lifestyles as a significant barrier to successful weight-loss management and designed their easy-to-follow Weight to Go diet in response as a practical solution to meeting your weight loss goals.

Quality ingredients

No Weight to Go review would be complete without mentioning how the Weight to Go diet replaces all your daily meals with nutritious chef-prepared alternatives.

Your daily meal replacements will provide an appetising meal, a flavourful soup; a tasty cookie and a filling shake to give you a daily intake of around 850 calories. To this, you just add a single portion of fruit and veg each day to complete your diet. You know your daily routine, so it’s up to you to plan and timetable your daily menus.

All recipes are made with real natural ingredients which are additive-free and thoroughly taste-tested before they are approved for our chefs to prepare as delicious Weight to Go options.

Any recipe you choose will be quick and easy to prepare, and if you should require any extra help, free nutritionist support is always available. The new Weight to Go large ‘clever cookies’ are a distinctive feature. Specially designed by Dr Ashton, these are available each day with double dark chocolate chips, or an alternative option with strawberry and white chocolate chips.

Weight to Go Plans

Your choice of plan is determined by whether you wish to pay weekly or monthly, and there is the further option to choose a ‘classic’ Weight to Go plan instead, for dieters prepared to forego the new ‘clever cookies’. Each plan also includes a free Activity Diary which dieters find a very supportive tool.

Pay Weekly

If you find that paying weekly is convenient, this plan will cost £60 per week – equivalent to a daily rate of £8.57. Your diet package includes 2 Snack Bars, 7 Shakes, 7 Cookies, 7 Soups and 7 Meals. Free delivery is included for the first week, and the package also includes a free Activity Diary (value £1.99), and a free Shaker (value £4.99) in week two.

Pay Monthly

This is Weight to Go’s most selected plan which costs £199 per month – equivalent to a daily rate of £7.10 per day. Your diet package includes 8 Snack Bars, 28 Shakes, 28 Cookies, 28 Soups and 28 Meals. Free delivery is included each month, and the package also includes a free Activity Diary (value £1.99), and a free Shaker (value £4.99).

Pay Monthly discount option

Dieters who are prepared to commit to purchasing the ‘pay monthly’ package above for 12 weeks are eligible for a discounted price of £169 per month.


Dr Ashton’s Weight to Go programme emphasises ‘the diet has to fit the dieter, not the other way round’. And, according to their certified clinical trials, dieters can look forward to a typical weight loss averaging 8 ½ lbs after a month, and 16 ½ lbs after two months with a reduction of 3 ¼ inches in waist measurement.


  1. Been on this diet for 2 weeks and have already had to get new work trousers. I’ve not stepped on the scales yet, I’m doing it at the end of the month. Decent food and I haven’t really felt hungry (yet!!)


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