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How to Lose A Stone In Two Weeks


The principles of fast weight loss lie not with deprivation and starving yourself, but with healthy, balanced eating, sensible exercise and good levels of hydration. Many people assume that crash dieting will provide them with a quick fix to lose weight, little realising that once they start to eat normally again, they will put the weight back on with more added!

Lose a stone in two weeks

If you have a lot of weight to lose or you want to lose a stone in two weeks, you may find that in the first week alone you shed the pounds quite easily as fluid retention can cause a lot of bloating and weight gain.

By completely cutting out sugary, fizzy drinks, caffeine and alcohol and switching to pure water or herbal tea you’ll find that you naturally become less bloated and your tummy should start to become flatter. Some people find they can quite easily lose up to half a stone purely from this, though that may vary from person to person.

Eating well

The main thing is not to starve yourself, but to eat little and often and to really think about the types of food you’re eating. Rather than having three square meals a day, aim to eat five smaller meals, which contain lean protein, carbohydrates and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to make up the main part of your diet.

Lean protein should be skinless chicken, turkey and white fish. Your carbohydrates should be of the wholegrain variety – this means a ban on refined white bread, cakes and white pasta or rice. Instead eat rye or wholegrain bread, brown rice, pasta and quinoa in small portions.

Your plate should always have a greater proportion of vegetables and salad to protein and carbs if you’re aiming to try and lose a stone in two weeks. You can try and replace some of the animal protein in your diet with things like beans and pulses that will fill you up quickly, keep your blood sugar stable and stop you snacking.


It stands to reason that to lose a stone in two weeks you need to also exercise and move your body more. This does not require superhuman effort, but it does mean that you have to think about the amount of calories you’re burning off.

Top of your list for fat burning exercise should be anything aerobic, so swimming, jogging, weights and walking.

Typically, you can expect to burn off around five hundred calories for an hour of breaststroke swimming, a very brisk walk at a pace of around four miles per hour will burn up to three hundred calories, whilst a trip to the gym to do a light, supervised workout with weights would burn around two to three hundred calories off.

You would need to exercise around three to four times a week to maintain a safe weight loss.

In addition to all of this you can work in other ways of toning and trimming without really realising, such as running up and down stairs instead of taking the lift, getting off the train or bus a few stops sooner than normal and walking some of the way either to work or to go shopping. Very often this will tone your waistline without you noticing.


  1. Hi I’m trying to lose at least 10 pounds for my wedding in August, I don’t get a lot of time to exercise. Is there a way I can get away with just eating right and still lose weight?

    • You can indeed lose weight with just changing your diet and eating healthy but this will take significantly longer without exercise.

  2. Hello I am just asking is walking a six miles from my house to work a good way of keeping on top of losing weight. As whenever the weather is fine i decide to walk it to work.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comment, Yes walking is a great way of burning extra calories. You can enjoy the scenery and lose weight at the same time, keep it up.

  3. I have always walked a lot and have a relatively healthy vegetarian diet but since I turned 40 I have put on a stone and it mostly shows around my middle. I am not massively overweight (I’m 5 ft 4 inches and weigh 10 stone 8 pounds with a 32 inch waist).

    I would like to lose the extra stone and get my waistline back. I’m now 46 and would love to get down to 9 and a half stone over the next 6 months in time for my 47th birthday. I walk 6 miles each day, I play football in the park with my 7 year old son and so swimming each weekend but can’t go the the gym due to financial reasons – I had to cancel my gym membership. I eat between 1500 and 2000 calories each day and don’t eat fried or sugary foods. Any advice appreciated.


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