Can you really Lose A Stone In A Week

Losing weight incredibly fast should be approached with extreme caution. There are many diets out there which offer people tips on how to lose a stone in a week, but their safety is questionable and the diets very often lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins.

Many people who attempt these kinds of programs will very often end up with health problems like headaches, migraines and digestive issues and possible even more serious complications.

Steady weight loss

Someone who has perhaps a lot of weight to lose or who is carrying a lot of fluid may find that when they start a healthy eating regime they automatically drop a lot of weight in the first two weeks anyway as their body adjusts and they start to retain less water. Therefore you may find that when you embark on a properly controlled diet which is enhanced by exercise, that the same thing happens naturally to you without you having to try too hard.

Losing weight faster

Typically, someone who eats to maintain their weight might want to consume anything in the region of 2,000 -2,500 calories every day. Someone embarking on a weight loss plan might want to halve this and up their exercise to lose weight.

It’s important to remember not to drop under 1,000 calories as that will make you feel very ill and lethargic. However, if you really are intent on trying to burn off calories and lose weight quickly then you can follow these few steps which might slightly raise your chances.

Nutrient dense foods:

Eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads and reduce the portion sizes of carbs and protein. Opt for white meat, chicken and turkey and white fish rather than red meat, although this is fine so long as the portion size is no more than 100g and excess fat has been trimmed off or removed after cooking.

Generally you should always stick to white lean meats. Switch to brown rice, pasta and wholegrain bread and limit the use of fats and oils in your meals. Some fat in the diet is essential for energy but these should come from good sources such as fish instead of junk food.

Cut out sweet drinks:

Ban fizzy drinks, calorific coffees and hot chocolate. Sadly, this also means forgoing beer, wine and spirits too. Instead, drink fresh water, herbal teas or heavily diluted juice. If you think you might feel hungry, simply drink a small glass of water or herbal tea. Sometimes the signal for hunger is actually one of thirst or dehydration. If the feeling of hunger goes after your drink, you were actually dehydrated.

Exercise more:

During the week you want to lose the weight, you need to think about trying to burn off around one to two thousand calories doing some form of aerobic activity. Think about a few hours of swimming spread over a three or four days – doing this can easily lead you to burn a thousand or more calories off.

Walking very briskly for an hour can help you do the same, too as can jogging or using weights at the gym. Moderation is key, going all out with exercise can very often end up making you want to eat more as you’ve over burdened you body and put too much pressure on it.


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