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How to Lose a Stone without going to the Gym


For some individuals, heading off to the gym on a daily basis is part of a routine. They enjoy the atmosphere, the choice of machines and have found the time to devote an hour or more in their schedules. These are some of the primary reasons why the number of gym memberships has been increasing during the past few years.

However, not everyone may be privy to this luxury. Perhaps a hectic schedule does not permit the time necessary. There may be financial concerns regarding monthly dues. Some may even be embarrassed or uncomfortable in what can aptly be termed a very public environment.

However, this will not dampen the desire to lose a stone or two. So, let us have a quick look at five ways to lose a stone without going to the gym.

Stick to a healthy diet 

It should come as no surprise that one’s diet will directly affect his or her body weight. As this is often times overlooked, it is important to first observe that a healthy diet needs to be employed and will serve as the main driving force to help lose a stone fast.

Healthy eating habits include diets that are low in saturated fats and refined sugars, rich in grains, include high amounts of fruits and vegetables and will focus more on the consumption of lean meats such as fish and chicken.

Avoid starving yourself

while diet is important, many of those who are desperate to lose weight may vacillate between periods of gorging and other days when they eat little or nothing. This is detrimental for two reasons. Firstly, the body requires nutrients to maintain health and function properly.

Secondly, starvation diets are one of the worst habits for anyone looking to lose weight and keeping it off. This is due to the fact that one will tend to gorge themselves after a period of fasting, possibly gaining even more weight than was lost!

Maintain Your Levels of Stress

Stress is a massive factor in weight gain. Stress can cause us to overeat or to turn to food as comfort. In either case, this is one of the main reasons for weight gain in modern society. Maintaining moderate stress levels will help us process foods better, keep our immune systems healthy and even lower the levels of abdominal body fat that seems nearly impossible to target.

Exercise at home

No one said that exercise only occurs in the gym. Home-based physical activities are excellent ways to achieve the same cardiovascular and calorie-burning effects that are achieved in the gym. Treadmills and stationary bikes may represent a financial expenditure, but their cost will normally pale in comparison to what annual gym fees will amount to.

If money is truly an issue, it costs nothing to take an early morning or late afternoon jog around the block. With a bit of discipline, these ways will make it quite easy to quickly lose a stone without going to the gym.

Use a Support System

Home exercise regimes require a certain amount of commitment and many will find that a workout buddy comes in handy. They can provide motivation, add humour to a training session and offer a level of healthy competition that can help both parties achieve their weight loss goals. Adding a bit of social spice can help even the most grueling home workout become pleasant and engaging.

So, it is easy to appreciate that a gym membership is not required to lose a stone. By following these few simple tips, an ideal weight and body type should be well within reach. A gym membership is not the only way to achieve a lean, fit and healthy lifestyle.


  1. I think the best way to lose weight at home is to have someone supportive doing it with you. My wife was never really a fitness person but now we’re both supporting each other and losing weight seems so much easier.


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