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How to lose a stone with the green tea diet


Imagine being able to lose a stone by simply adding green tea to your daily routine with the green tea diet? The western world has only recently embraced the wonders of green tea, but it’s been a popular drink in Asian diets for over 4000 years.

The Chinese have been enjoying the benefits of green tea to ward off depression, cure headaches and more. Modern science has revealed that green tea also has amazing immune-boosting qualities, among other positive benefits.

How Does Green Tea Help Weight-Loss?

It’s no secret that green tea has great health benefits, but how does it burn fat and help you to stay slim? There are actually 2 ways that green tea can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

1. Green tea reduces the amount of insulin that is made by the body. Recent studies have shown that reduced insulin in the body helps to regulate blood-sugar levels, meaning that food cravings are easier to control.

Another positive of having less insulin in the body is that fat storage is dramatically reduced. Both of these factors play a huge part in effective and long-term weight control.

2. Green tea boosts your metabolism and increases the use of energy in the body. One of the main active components in green tea is ECCG, a polyphenol that has well-known thermogenic properties.

Basically, this means that the green tea will increase the amount of fat that the body burns, as well as increasing metabolism. This can have dramatic effects when paired with a moderate exercise routine.

The Green Tea Diet

If you want to lose a stone with the green tea diet, it’s surprisingly simple; have a pot of green tea on hand at every meal. Sip the refreshing tea throughout your meal and enjoy the light flavour and palate cleansing properties.

While you are enjoying the tea, the compound found in it, called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), will be busy at work. Your appetite will be satisfied faster, and your metabolism will be kicked into high gear.

How Much Green Tea?

People who have tried the green tea diet report that 5 to 6 cups a day is more than enough to achieve positive results. Green tea can take some getting used to, and may be easier to drink with some added lemon juice or honey. If you simply can’t tolerate the flavour, there are green tea capsules available.

Thanks to the growing interest in green tea as a weight-loss tool, there are many teas available that have a combination of green tea and other teas and herbs that work together to fight fat.

These teas often taste better than standalone green tea, and have the added benefit of the extra ingredients. A popular green tea weight-loss product is Kou Tea, which has proven to be an effective fat busting product.

Don’t forget that green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Get into the habit of carrying a water bottle filled with your favourite green tea, and you will lose a stone in no time.

Green Tea Positives

checkEasy to follow

checkProven benefits for weight loss

checkBoosts immune system along with other health benefits

Green Tea Negatives

checkWeight loss from the green tea diet isn’t as fast compared to other diet types

checkSome people dislike the taste of green tea

Gcheckreen tea contains caffeine, which can affect people who are sensitive to caffeine

By adding green tea to an existing routine, the documented positive benefits of green tea can increase the effects of a balanced diet and exercise program.


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