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How long does it take to lose a stone


How long does it take to lose a stone? Most of us are often curious as to the length of time that may be necessary to lose a certain amount of weight. For some of us, our target may be to lose a stone in a month while for others, trimming those pesky love handles alone may suffice.

Either way, one of the best ways to gauge our weight loss is on a stone-by-stone basis; that is, smaller milestones can often times help keep us motivated to achieve our larger goals.

Still, losing a stone will require a different amount of time for everyone, for no two metabolisms are alike nor are our lifestyles the same. Regardless of this fact, there are a few different factors that will allow us to reasonably address this interesting question.


This is likely the single most important factor in calculating weight loss. The theory behind curtailing our diet is simple. The less calories and carbohydrates we eat, the more our bodies will be likely to lose weight. This is due to the simple fact that excess carbohydrates and calories are naturally stored as fat.

So, the first step is to embrace a diet that is low in fat, carbohydrates and calories but still contains a host of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. This is the absolutely necessary if you are looking to lose a stone or two.


A second and equally important factor is the amount of exercise you receive on a daily basis. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps burn off excess calories that will otherwise be stored as fat. It should be obvious that the level of intensity will directly affect how quickly you will lose weight.

However, this intensity is not necessarily defined as lifting weights or engaging in high-speed runs. Rather, a thirty to forty-five minute cardiovascular workout five days a week is more optimum.

The goal is to keep your target heart rate above a certain threshold. Naturally, this heart rate will depend on your age, gender and body weight. There are many online calculators that will help you determine this variable.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate

Another concern is what is known as your basal metabolic rate. When calculating how long it takes to lose a stone, this is quite important to understand. In simpler terms, this is the rate at which you metabolise calories when resting. Unsurprisingly, those with lower basal metabolic rates tend to gain weight faster.

Still, this rate can be modified with the correct diet and exercise. In fact, you can increase this rate over time with an increased amount of exercise. This change will not occur overnight, but it is important to consider to help keep that stone or two off once you initially lose it.


You may be surprised to learn that sleep will play an important role in weight loss. Although your metabolism slows down during this down time, you body produces hormones that will help in the digestion of fat and carbohydrates. Getting between six and eight hours of sleep a night is critical to help you lose a stone. So, how long does it take to lose a stone?

Well, this time frame will be different for everyone. It may take one individual a few weeks while another person might find it quite easy to lose a stone in a month. Still, taking into account the correct diet, ample amounts of the right exercise and making certain to sleep between six and eight hours are all critical components to help you lose a stone.


  1. I can testify that you can lose a stone in a month, that is considering that you have a fair bit of weight to lose. If you’re carrying around a lot of excess weight then the first 20 -30 pounds are the easiest to get rid of.


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