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Exante Diet Review


Exante Diet is the UK’s largest online ‘total meal replacement’ company. Their unique range of low-calorie meal-replacement products are produced for dieters seeking to lose weight fast under the Exante Diet, and this Exante Diet review looks at the details of this diet programme.


Exante’s products have been developed with leading food technologists to produce ‘cleaner label, premium products’ for Exante dieters. The company claim they make the UK’s ‘safest, best-tasting, lowest-price’ meal replacements.

Exante fully comply with all NICE dieting guidelines, but don’t have counsellors or group sessions, suggesting instead that dieters should ‘take control of their own weight loss’. See real before and after results from satisfied members

The Exante diet in action

Exante’s diet involves replacing your daily meals with Exante’s in-house replacements. The aim of this very low calorie meal replacement diet (VLCD) is to persuade your body to begin ‘ketosis’ – a state in which your body goes into a ‘calorie deficit’ and consumes less calories than it actually needs. Ketosis occurs within 2-4 days, and your body will then begin to plunder its fat reserves to find the energy you need to function.

For anyone slightly alarmed by this prospect, Exante points out that even non-dieters experience ketosis during any 24-hour period – usually during sleep.

Exante Diet plans

As Exante diet reviews confirm, before you can begin one of Exante’s three main diet plans, the company will establish you have no conditions preventing you from dieting – pregnancy, or a serious illness, for example. Exante are also keen you should inform your GP you intend to diet.

You must also calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) using Exante’s online calculator, because each plan is intended for those at, or above, a specified BMI. This should guide you to the most appropriate plan for your needs.

Plan 1: Total Solution

This is suitable for anyone fit and healthy, with a BMI in excess of 25, who has been advised by their GP to reduce their weight. Consuming three Exante Diet meal replacements every day, your calorie intake will be just 600 calories. This will result in a calorie deficit from the outset, and should therefore result in fairly rapid weight loss.

The Total Solution option should be followed for a period of just three weeks. After your three-week stint, you are advised to take a ‘Low Calorie Week’ in which you still eat Exante diet meal replacements, but supplement this with an additional daily intake of 200 calories gained from other foods.

Plan 2: Working Solution

The Working Solution is also targeted at anyone fit and healthy with a BMI in excess of 25, but produces more moderate weight loss. Again, you will consume three Exante Diet meal replacements per day (600 calories), but in this case you should also look to gain a further 400 calories from other foods, resulting in a total daily intake of 1,000 calories.

Plan 3: Simple Solution

The Simple Solution is targeted at anyone fit and healthy with a BMI in excess of 20, and produces a more modest weight loss than other plans. Once again, you consume three Exante Diet meal replacements every day (600 calories), plus a further 600 calories from other foods, resulting in a total daily intake of 1,200 calories.

With each plan, the daily intake of extra calories you are advised to consume can be regulated entirely as you choose, and can be spread throughout the day if you prefer.

Exante Diet products

No Exante Diet review would be complete without a look at some of their meal-replacement products.

Exante have:

– a range of shakes (chocolate/banana/strawberry/vanilla/);
– soups (Thai chicken/vegetable/mushroom/tomato & basil);
– bars (nut & raisin/chocolate orange/toffee);

plus pasta carbonara, porridge oats and a variety of ready meals.

Exante Pricing

Your meal-replacement products are priced individually and start from around £2.49. Buying products in ‘bumper packs’ is a more economical option and, purchasing this way, your needs could cost as little as £3.87 per day.


Exante diet reviews suggest Exante is the ‘cheapest meal-replacement diet in the UK’, and that, if used sensibly, there is ‘little doubt’ the Exante Diet will ‘aid your weight-loss efforts’.


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