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Dukan Diet Review


The Dukan diet is a protein-based dieting plus exercise programme devised by French doctor Pierre Dukan, which has received a popularity boost due to having been linked to the former Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This Dukan diet review looks at how the Dukan diet works.


Promising ‘unique and personalised coaching’, the Dukan diet has its own dedicated weight-loss website. Here there is a wealth of information, weight-loss advice, community forums, recipes, contests and much more.

The Dukan diet can be followed informally by just buying the ‘Dukan Diet’ book for £4.50, but best results, Dukan believe, are achieved by signing up for ‘personalised online coaching’. There are no calories to count with a Dukan diet; it is also suitable for vegetarians; and weight loss should be fairly rapid in the earliest stages.

The Dukan diet plan: a four-phase approach

Dukan’s phased approach to dieting is designed to help you overcome the major problem which confronts many dieters – putting the weight back on again.

Phase 1 – the ‘attack’ phase (2-7 days) – involves eating 1.5 daily tablespoons of oat bran, plus high-protein foods to ‘kick-start’ your weight-loss efforts. Here, you choose from 68 foods designed to deliver rapid weight-loss, and include 20 minutes daily exercise.
The Dukan-anticipated weight-loss is 2-8 pounds across this phase.

Phase 2 – the ‘cruise’ phase(3 days ‘per pound’) – involves eating 2 daily tablespoons of oat bran, plus adding in 32 vegetables chosen from 100 ‘natural foods’. Here, you should continue to lose weight via alternating protein + vegetable days with protein-only days, and include 30 minutes daily exercise.

Dukan reckon you will spend around 3 days in this phase for every pound of weight you actually lose, taking you slowly towards your ‘True Weight’, determined at the outset via Dukan’s online personalised assessment process. The Dukan-anticipated weight-loss in this phase is an average of 2 pounds per week.

Phase 3 – the ‘consolidation’ phase (5 days ‘per pound shed in the cruise phase’) – involves eating 2.5 daily tablespoons of oat bran, plus adding in cheese/whole-grain bread/starchy foods/fruit in restricted quantities (with two ‘celebration meals’ every week).

Here, Dukan expect you will spend around 5 days for each lost pound achieved at phase 3, and include 25 minutes daily exercise. The idea is to gradually normalise your eating habits once more – but with a protein-only day each Thursday.

Phase 4 – the ‘stabilisation’ phase (for life) – here you follow your acquired healthy-eating habits as you please, but with a protein-only day each Thursday, 20 minutes daily exercise, and 3 daily tablespoons of oat bran.

Online slimming coach

According to Dukan’s website and other Dukan diet reviews, your online coaching takes the form of a ‘daily email return’ (DER), in which you report on your eating and exercise progress. If you do this in the evening, a DER response arrives the following morning which develops/re-focuses your personal Dukan diet plan as necessary in the light of the information you supplied.


Dukan emphasise their personalised, interactive online coaching is the best method. This starts with a ‘detailed nutritional assessment (80 questions) which determines the weight-loss targets Dukan advise. Though each interactive Dukan diet plan will therefore be different, a typical three-monthly payment for one-to-one coaching via email could cost around £18-20 per month.

Dukan’s online shop sells a range of diet and recipe books ranging from simple recipe book at £6.49, to a complete cook book at £25. The shop also sells oat bran, pastas, food supplements, flavourings and diet accessories.

Many Dukan diet details can only be accessed once you sign up, which is easy to do, and Dukan’s website contains many personal success stories from dieters. Similarly, the popular press have trialled Dukan diet reviews on many occasions with one typical Dukan diet review investigator reporting: ‘I am now at my target weight after working through the stages and able to eat what I want.’


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