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Diet Chef Review


This Diet Chef Review looks at the Diet Chef online business which was founded in 2007 by chef Kevin Dorren. Diet Chef dispatches calorie-counted meals to its thousands of UK and European customers.

Whereas diet systems characteristically identify healthy eating techniques leading to weight loss, Diet Chef extends the idea by planning, measuring, cooking and delivering its ready meals to dieters.


Whilst the core element of Diet Chef is the delivery of pre-prepared food packages, their philosophy proposes that the detailed researching, sourcing and preparing of diet foods is tedious. By relieving you of this chore, Diet Chef believes your dieting will get off to a flying start, you will see results faster, and thus be more inclined to stick with the diet.

Though you are responsible for diet-management, Diet Chef offers support to help you stay ‘on-track’, such as:

  • a guide covering exercise tips, weight maintenance, drinks, and eating out;
  • trained diet advisers contactable via email/phone;
  • progress tracking and personal diet diaries; and
  • free access to a supportive online dieting community.

All Diet Chef’s plans follow the government’s NIHCE guidelines on best practice dieting standards.


No Diet Chef Review would be complete without details of the food available, and Diet Chef’s deliveries bring you a hamper with three tasty balanced main meals per day, plus snacks to ease any food-cravings in between. With no fridge or freezer storage necessary, the hampers are easy to store.

A typical Diet Chef daily 1200-calorie menu is described below:

Breakfasts typically consist of mueslis, granolas and porridges, to which your own fruit and yoghurt can be added. Though portions are not large – as Diet Chef reviews often mention – this has the advantage of educating dieters to recognise suitable portion sizes, thus encouraging positive dieting principles from the outset.

The lunch menus contain many different soups and a broad choice of salads, plus some milkshakes. Appetising snacks are also provided in the form of popcorn, fruit or cheese biscuits, and cereal bars.

With dinners, many of the main dishes contain just the meat portion of the meal, leaving the dieter to add vegetable, potato, rice or pasta portions if required. With more than 70 meal-options, there is always plenty of variety, and Diet Chef serving suggestions provide plenty of guidance.


Meals are ordered online, and arrive within 2-3 working days. Good variety and choice produces endless meal options, including vegetarian, and allergy advice is available on the Diet Chef website. A meal can usually be heated or microwaved, and typically takes just 2-3 minutes to prepare, adding your own salads, drinks, vegetables and fresh fruits.


Diet Chef plans are formulated according to your weight-loss targets, and your chosen meals provide 1200 calories per day via a breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks menu.

4-week plan

If you are looking to shed less than a stone, a 4-week plan requires one payment of £245 for the month (equivalent to £61.25 per week). This is a convenient way to lose small amounts of weight, and can also be used to sample the Diet Chef system. If required, the plan can be automatically renewed.

8-week plan

If your targeted weight-loss is between 1-2 stone, an 8-week plan requires two monthly payments of £195 (equivalent to £48.75 per week). The plan can be automatically renewed and paused whenever you wish.

12-week plan

For those aiming to lose 2 stone or more, a 12-week plan costs £180 per month for 3 months (equivalent to £45 per week) and also entitles the dieter to a free 4th month. The plan can be renewed automatically.

Weight loss

Diet Chef reviews note that dieters typically achieve a reduction of 1-2 lbs per week, and that 47 per cent of dieters completing 6 months on the Diet Chef programme had achieved more than 10 percent weight loss.


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