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5 Foods that Make You Feel Full Throughout the Day


Part of the challenging aspects of any diet is our ability to stave off pesky hunger pains. Indeed, these urges can hamper our efforts and cause us to fail before we experience any real results.

Thankfully, there are a number of foods that help you lose weight while simultaneously providing you with a sense of fullness. Let’s take a brief look at what many consider to be the top five foods.


One of the great things in regards to porridge is that it contains what are known as slow-release carbohydrates. In other words, you will be supplied with a sustained amount of energy throughout the day.

Additionally, the flakes themselves will expand within your stomach; helping you feel fuller for longer. As there is hardly any fat present porridge is a great substitute at any time throughout the day. Adding a bit of fresh fruit such as blueberries will provide a tasty and satisfying experience.

Rice (Brown or White)

Like porridge, rice will expand within your stomach. This is considered to be one of the best foods that make you feel full due to the fact that rice is quite a “clean” source in comparison to other choices. It is for this reason that an upset stomach can often be remedied with rice.

Lastly, it is important to note that brown rice tends to be a bit healthier than white rice. The brown variety contains a greater amount of minerals and nutrients.


Yes, you have read this subtitle correctly. Although many associate oranges with a tasty snack, the truth of the matter is that oranges have a great deal of fibre within their rinds. This fibre takes longer to digest than many other substances. Thus, your body will be “fooled” into thinking that you have eaten more than in reality.

As an orange or two is quite easy to transport from place to place, this fruit is seen as the perfect “on-the-go” healthy food source.

Brown Pasta

It has always been known that pasta is an excellent food to satiate hunger cravings. However, not all pasta is alike. The processed variety may contain chemicals and preservatives that can actually make you even hungrier.

So, brown pasta is the ideal choice. It will supply you with an ample amount of carbohydrates while remaining in your stomach and small intestine for quite some time. Avoid cooking with butter and instead, choose a few fresh vegetables or herbs for a tasty topping.

Baked Beans

Thankfully, this tried-and-true British recipe has made our list. In fact, beans are one of the best foods that make you feel full for extended periods of time. The reason for this attribute arises from the fact that baked beans are rich in both protein and fibre.

Protein takes a good amount of time to digest and this again will trick your system into a feeling of fullness. When we combine this attribute with the expansive nature of fibre within the body, beans may very well be one of the top dietary choices that you can make during a challenging weight-loss plan.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of all of these choices is the fact that they are quite easy to find. Furthermore, they will place very little strain on a tight budget. If you are truly struggling with hunger throughout the day, any one of these options would be a great alternative.

So, as you can see there are a variety of foods that can help you to lose weight while not allowing you to succumb to the inner demons of stubborn hunger.


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